Counting &Detection Machine-Model Plus 624

Counting &Detection Machine-Model Plus 624

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Product Code: Counting &Detection Machine-Model Plus 624
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• It has a large, easy-to-read, digital LCD touch screen to operate and control machine functions.• The m...

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• It has a large, easy-to-read, digital LCD touch screen to operate and control machine functions.

• The machine is of small desktop style and can be placed in small places and moved easily.

• It detects the fraud by (UV / FL / MG / MT / IR-T, IR-R).

• The machine will after, detect, and sort 6 currencies, including the local currency, automatically without changing the currency to be counted, through (Automatic currencies).

• The machine has the ability to count mixed currencies in one and show the sum of each currency separately.

• Free count without restriction for the same currency and category with specifying the number of paper and the total value. He rejected the false papers in a special drawer and limited their number during the counting process without stopping.

• Counting different categories for the same currency, mixed, calculating the number of cards counted and their value, and reject the forged papers in the rejected tray.

• conting and sorting for the same currency Sort and different categories as the currency is determined according to the first paper and calculating the number and value of the papers of the same category and rejecting the rest of the violating papers.

• It has the ability to detect the forgery of many foreign currencies and up to 10 (Optional) currencies.

• It has a place for up to 500 new notes for Hopper, another place for up to 200 cards, a Stacker reception, and a place for counterfeit or rejected currency, up to 50 sheets.

• Auto start counting.

• Designed with a software system that can be easily developed and updated via a USB memory stick.

• The machine conforms to environmental conditions and does not cause damage to its user and is easy to use.

• The machine is characterized by the development of CIS, to accurately detect the counterfeiting of domestic and foreign banknotes.

• Feeding system by mechanical drawing.

Dimensions: (H x W x H) * ((281 x 304 x 266 mm)

Weight: about 9 kg.

Counting speed: 1500 - 1000 sheets / minute

Power Supplier: 110-250V / 50-60MHz

Counting systems Mixed value counting / Mixed Total counting / free counting / Denomination sorting (free orientation, new / old series verification)

Count in quantity: 5 - 10 - 20 - 25 - 50 - 100 can be counted.

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