Counting &Detection  - Model 6100

Counting &Detection - Model 6100

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Technical display of the machine• The machine has a large color screen - 3.5 inch digital easy-to-read nu...

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Technical display of the machine

• The machine has a large color screen - 3.5 inch digital easy-to-read number showing the number required or the category to be separated, the type of currency and the number of papers counted, the value of what was counted, the number of cards in each category, the statement of errors, the number of forged or rejected papers and the reason for rejection.

• The machine after sorting the Egyptian pound and the Saudi riyal in addition to the American dollar and the European euro with high accuracy and efficiency.

• The machine is provided with 2 drawers, one for the counted currencies, and the other for the counted currencies.

Methods of counting and sorting by machine: -

1- Free count without restrictions, counting the same currency and category, giving their number and value, rejecting defective papers in a special drawer, and counting them during the counting process and without stopping.

2- Counting different categories for the same currency, calculating the number of cards counted, their value, the number of cards in each category, rejecting the forged papers in a special tray and explaining the reason for the refusal and counting them during the counting process without stopping.

3- Counting and sorting of one currency, Sort and different categories together, choosing a specific category according to the first paper, calculating the number and value of the papers in the same category and rejecting the rest of the violating papers and limiting their number during the counting process without stopping

4- Count and sort the currency and separate the cards from (face / direction) in the Stacker field and (back / the other direction) the other papers in the Reject field.

5- The machine sorts the currencies at the Stacker reception place according to the required category, and the rest is the Reject box (which contains forged papers in the case of counting and detection, or contains the currencies that violate the required category in the case of counting and sorting

6- Counting packages with equal classes in one box and the violating papers in another box, and it can get the number of cards that have been counted and their value as it starts automatically.

7- The machine is designed to work with all cases of cash (damaged, worn out or has folds in the corners).

8- The machine has a Dual Operation feature, which can be used by two cashiers and maintains a separate account for what was counted separately.

9- The ease of opening the machine to access the paper if it is jammed inside it from the front and one step.

• Ability to detect the forgery of many foreign currencies and up to 5 currencies with extreme accuracy, with the possibility of replacing any other currency with another in the future.

The means of detecting forgery by machine: -

 UV detection.

 - Infrared detection of all lines specified in the paper.

 Magnetic Detection - Sheet magnetic detection.

 - Detection by fluorescent flux reflected rays.

 - Detection of magnetic strips on MT sheet.

 - Detection by matching the color and shape on both sides of the banknote (face and back of the paper) by a CIS sensor.

• It has three parts for each part with a special operating flower in addition to the presence of the boards on both sides of the machine to protect it from dust and the result of counting in addition to that the machine is the only one with 3 fans working to expel the dust left from the counting process outside the machine and away from the sensitive parts in it.

• Has a capacity of up to 500 new Hopper banknotes and a place with a capacity of up to 200 Stacker receivers and a place for counterfeit or objectionable reject capacity of up to 50 sheets.

3 speeds available (1500,1200,1000 sheets / min)

• The machine can be adjusted to accommodate new currency issues in the operating location, without having to change some parts.

• The machine is equipped with an internal current stabilizer to protect the machine from sudden drop or rise of current.

• The machine, at the beginning of operation, performs an automatic test of all its parts, Initializing. It also diagnoses what is happening with it automatically [Self Diagnostics] and gives an alert on the error so that the machine can be returned to normal.

Machine sizes are 280 mm (width), 282 mm (height), 272 mm (depth), and the machine weighs approximately 8,2 kg.

• The size of banknotes that can be counted by machine (60 mm to 100 mm "paper width", 85 mm to 190 mm "paper length") and the thickness of the leaves ranges between 0.08 mm to 0.12 mm.

• The machine works on the electric current without the need to set (100 - 240 V-50/60 MHz) as it is economical in consuming 50 W energy during operation

Optional accessories:

- The ability to modify the machine to separate the old and new versions of currencies.

- It can be connected to the computer by RS232 cable or a printer to print the serial numbers of the currency during the counting process or print receipts for clients, as well as it can be connected to an additional screen for the customer and it has a USB port and a LAN port if you want to connect it to the bank network.

- The ability to add an additional screen according to the customer’s desire + in addition to the ability to add a thermal printer.

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